Friday, March 9, 2012

these are a few of my favourite things.....

In the Odd One Out house, of course it is natural that we have some odd wee things lying around.  I think that this glass gun filled with 100s & 1000s would have to be up there as one of the oddest though! 

We found the gun at a vintage shop and I fell in love with it instantly.  I am really drawn to objects that are contradictory or made from unexpected materials - and what could be more so than a glass gun!

I have no idea what it was in a past life - perhaps someone out there knows? If you do please leave a comment, I would so love to know what use a glass gun would have had.  Perhaps it was just made to be pretty & pretty it is!

It didn't come with the sprinkles inside - that genius idea came when we decided to display it inside this vintage glass dome (another of my favourite things).  The glass behind glass idea didn't really work visually - so being the sweet toothed girl that I am, I thought 100s & 1000s would be a perfect way to make the gun stand out.  I love the bright colours and that it adds another unusual element to the gun motif.  Best of all the colours look awesome next to my vintage Tretchikoff!

(you can put anything in a dome and it looks fantastic and designy don't you think?  I love them!) 

I am always being inspired by the stuff around my house - so it wasn't long before I started to make some jewellery pieces using this idea.  These vintage glass vials were from the estate of a watchmaker and used to hold all the teeny tiny watch parts - I think they look so cute with the sprinkles inside!  A perfect gift for a girl with a sweet tooth like me!  I have been making these since I launched Odd One Out and they are one of my most popular items.  Like them?  Buy them here.

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