Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Vintage Week

A few cute little vintage finds last week....

Aren't they sweet!  A little pair of plaster swans - they sort of remind me of the classic Crown Lynn swans but tiny...

which = way cuter in my books.

I'm kinda getting into a nautical vibe at the moment - Mr Odd One Out has been on at me for years about how cool retro ship stuff is - and I think I'm coming around to the idea... just a little - shhhh!

This little ship in a bottle originally had a wooden stand, which was no fun at all so I added a splash of yellow and instant cuteness!

A vintage Cadbury Bournvita "Sweet Dreams" Mug

This little guy and me have been trying to find each other for years.  Every time I think I've found one there are stains or cracks or a missing lid etc.  I got close once on Trade Me, but the poor little man was broken in the post (crazy how someone can think it would be ok not wrapping something that fragile!)

But last week there he was.... and now, here he is with pride of place in my kitchen (but out of direct sunlight and toddlers hands)

So happy!

And look at how his little hat comes off to make a saucer - too cool!

I know, I know it's another plate BUT this is actually one that I am not going to paint on - that's right!  This one is just too perfect as it is - so it's going on my wall as the only 'naked' plate in the group.

I just love the naive cross stitch like painting.

Last of all is this sweet little plaster frame I found.

Ok, the dried flowers are a bit naff but if you look past that - the peach colour and concave glass are a bit special don't you think?

I am thinking a little original painting would look cute in it - when I get the time to paint something for myself that is.  Will post a pic when/if it gets done!


Sunday, September 11, 2011

33 ways to stay creative

I like lists....a lot....I make them all the time.  Mostly it's my way of procrastinating actually doing something but still feeling like I am doing something at the same time.  My other favourite form of procrastination is looking through blogs at other peoples lists!

 thought this was a particularly cool one.  Found it here


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Now if I had a castle.....

Far out!  I love, love, love this awesome chandelier by awesome Dutch makers Rock and Royal.  How have I not seen this before?  They have been around since 2005!

Now if I had a castle or even just a teeny little renovated Gothic church I would so be calling them up!  (assuming said castle or church meant that I was swimming in money)

and maybe these for the smaller rooms ;)

They even do custom mosaics - sigh!

Yep that's a mosaic fly alright - a lovely piece for the kitchen!


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Before & After - Jewellery Display

As you will know by now - I am always finding little junk store discoveries.  I love to find ways of making them new, giving them a bit of a new life or a bit of a zhush (that's a word right?)

Most end up as part of my collections to sell but there are quite a few things I keep.  One thing I always kick myself over, is that I don't EVER take before photos.  I'm usually too keen to get into the makeover that it is not until it's all finished that I think "man I should have photographed that first".  So this before & after section of my blog is an effort to remedy that.

Here is the first little vintage find that I managed to remember to get a pic of first.  I think is is some kind of posy vase?  Anyway, I just loved the yellow base and thought it would make a cute jewellery display for my craft fair table.  I just wound some string around the wires to hold my earrings in place and a bit of foam and an old doiley were quickly turned into a ring display.

I think it's pretty cute don't you? and best of all it only took about 15 minutes to make - gotta love that!

Thanks to Pugly Pixel for the cute photo template!