Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Origami inspired plate range....

I love Origami - well I am completely useless at making it but I do love looking at it and funnily enough drawing it!  Something about those clean, sharp, straight lines look really awesome in illustrations.  Even though I can get really frustrated painting them, I keep persisting - you need such a steady hand and the thick porcelain paint and curved plates don't really do me any favours. 

As you know I tend to paint in themes - Tattoo's, Shadow Puppets etc, so I thought I would share some of my origami inspired designs.  I think they are beginning to form quite a cute little group now.



I would love to know if you have any requests or ideas for more!


And I just have to show you the little book that was the inspiration behind it all....

How cute is that cover! 

I found this vintage 1960's children's 'how to' book about four years ago.  The cover was just irresistible and the little pages are all filled with cute illustrations and folding instructions.  Someone has lovingly completed all the projects and stuck them in their places on each page (I would never have had the patience as a kid!)  Best of all there is still a whole heap of that vintage Japanese paper filed away in the back - I just need to think of a special project to use it for :)  Check out some of the cool illustrations.....


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Kill your TV, bake cake, drink tea

Love this!  Adding to the Christmas wish list (hint hint)

Printed using red and black ink on recycled cream paper, using traditional letterpress type by Aardvark, in Hastings, UK

Buy it here - and it just happens to be one of my favourite shops too :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Before & After - Mr Stag gets a makeover!

Well this before and after is not a recent one, but I thought I would share it with you - as I get so many people asking me where I got the pink stags head that features in one of my postcards. 

We had been collecting these retro French plastic stag head / barometers for some time, and I always thought that they would be really cool for hanging jewellery off.  The thing is - they are not very pretty and I didn't think that they would go with the style of my bedroom very well as they were.  So a bit of dissection and a quick go-over with some spray paint, followed by a touch of hand painting and his make-over was complete!  Or should I say his gender re-assignment - he does look very pretty now but I still call him Mr Stag!

He does make such a cute model for my jewellery range don't you think!  And here is is again hanging on the wall of my bedroom.  I promise in real life it is not this tidy - and Mr Stag usually has a heap more jewellery to contend with.  This pic was taken when my home was featured in the August 2009 Your Home & Garden Magazine - hence the minimal (well minimal for me!) decor.

Thanks to Pugly Pixel for the cute photo template!                            

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm so in love with.... Ellen Greene

Wow! this lady is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yep requires that many) I really NEED one of these pieces but which one?

Painting old school tattoo designs onto vintage leather gloves - she is a lady after my own heart..... and knuckle tattoos too - yeeeah!

See more of her work here - really go and look!!!