Sunday, February 19, 2012

Oh my! Dalton M. Ghetti's 'sharpened' pencils

I absolutely adore miniature things and you know that I am quite obsessed with up-cycling mundane and every day objects.  Well I think I may have found my favourite sculptor EVER!

Dalton M. Ghetti must have the steadiest, most brain surgeony exact hands - he carves the most exquisite miniature sculptures out of the ends of lead pencils.  They are amazingly worn and battered pencils at that, so happy they are not new :)  I am still finding it so hard to get my head around the scale of it all - they are tiny!  How on earth does he get them so perfect and so exact - it is completely mind bending for someone who breaks my pencils just about every time I go to sharpen one!

Here are some of my favourites but you absolutely must go and check out his page here to read all about this guy. 

............and the entire alphabet is just simply amazing!

oooh doesn't it just make you happy looking at them - love artwork that does that!

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