Monday, March 19, 2012

My Vintage Week

Just a few little goodies I have picked up recently - you might say I've been quite restrained of late.  Not so much vintage buying - which is a great thing for the wallet and for the (bursting at the seams) house - but not so great for the soul.  Yes vintage is good for the soul!

Horsey Pic - Isn't she cute! I actually bought this to sell originally,  It sat all of 15 minutes at the Mr's stall at Love Vintage and Retro market before I hid it under the table, I just couldn't sell her.  Yet to hang it up but I love that it is behind glass because I am finding it fun to write little comments in speech bubbles coming from Mr horse or Daphne (I thought she looked like a Daphne for some reason?)

Dear deers - Yes I'm somewhat obsessed with Deers but these ones were kissing and I just couldn't help myself!

Teacup - I'm so excited that my friends Lisa and Dan have just opened up their new vintage shop!  It's called Love Vintage and Retro and this cute cup and saucer had my name on it - along with half of the rest of the shop!  I was so hoping to be their first buyer but scraped in a close second :)

Rice - Well obviously I had to have this because the colour, the pattern and the font are awesome and I guess it could potentially be useful to hold something? - probably not rice though!



Ooo I just love those purchases especially the rice tin. I can't wait to visit the shop, makes it harder for me being on Waiheke Island though, but soon I will drag himself over and his wallet!! Hee Hee well done, great buys.

jodie said...

hi the tin too! Rice and all things nice!...the horse picture reminds me of National you remember that movie with Tatum O'neil? Loved it as a kid.

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