Sunday, November 27, 2011

these are a few of my favourite things.....

I really enjoy showing you all my new vintage finds in my "my vintage week" posts - it's so great to have an enthusiastic response!  Mr Odd One Out is so used to coming home and finding new (old) stuff that he can be rather underwhelmed with my finds these days.  Of course my house is already packed to the brim with crazy old stuff as I have been collecting vintage since I was wee young thing, but more seriously once I settled in a more permanent (ish) house.  Lets just say you're going to need both hands and possibly some feet to count the years (now that doesn't give away my age too much does it!) Anyway, I would love to show you some of my favourite things that I have collected over the years and give you a bit of a peek into my vintage way of life too!

These are a few of my favourite things...........

This little collection is hiding in a rather dark corner of my dining room - I think they rather suit being there as they have a kind of Victorian and a little bit Goth feel.  This isn't my usual style but I just love all these pieces so they have kind of ended up together.

Dolly is my Antique mannequin - named for her rather voluptuous figure!  She was made back in the day when one was required to wear corseted undergarments.  I found her on Trade Me, and even though she lived in Lower Hutt and was 'pick up only' I managed to convince Mr Odd One Out's lovely Dad to get her for me on one of his work trips.  I'm sure he thought I was a bit mad because she cost a fair bit - but worth every penny I think.

Dolly is wearing some very special things..... The jacket I picked up at one of my favourite markets in London.  It's called Alfies Market and I have found some awesome things there.  It is so old and delicate - hand sewn in handmade lace and silk tulle.  I think it's Victorian and I do wear it! Around her neck is a necklace I picked up at a store in Auckland I just love, Victorian Gilt.  I could literally spend hours in there fossicking about.  The tape measure is from the Camberwell vintage market in Melbourne - wow that market had me wishing I lived in Melbourne, I would so be there every week!  The little vintage gold trim - I wear as a necklace - is from one of my favourite places in the world (from my limited travel experience!) The Marche aux Puces is on the outskirts of Paris and is one of the coolest places to find the vintage and also the unexpected.  You could get lost in all the little alleys and ateliers - and that would not be a bad thing at all.  I've seen Dinosaur eggs and even a stuffed sabre tooth tiger for sale there! Look it up on Google images - you'll see what I mean!

Behind Dolly is a VERY large vintage New Zealand flag.  The wooden pole part is over 7ft tall and the flag is all hand sewn in pieces with applique stars.  I found this on Trade Me also, and it was a complete fluke of a buy.  It was really cheap with a very bad, dark photo, you couldn't tell the size or condition at all.  We just bid with fingers crossed and were super excited when we picked it up - I just love those scores!

Hope you liked this little peek into my vintage world - there's more to come!  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Customised Plates - a little peek at the process....

I have been wanting to document the process of painting a customised plate for some time.  But I have never really photographed the stages, as I am usually too in the 'zone' to think about stopping and taking pics.  When I was asked recently to paint a rather amazing image, on a vintage plate that was to be a gift.  I thought it would be the perfect chance to show you all what is involved!  Hope you like......

I was commissioned by the lovely Cate - a very good customer of mine, who just happens to have a pretty impressive collection of my plates herself.

She thought it was about time to spread some Odd One Out love to her friend Tara, who has the most amazing tattoo of a rather saucy looking mermaid.  I love painting tattoos on plates so needless to say I was pretty excited about doing this one.  Here is the photo she gave me for inspiration.....

First thing to do was find a vintage plate that would complement the image, and Cate was keen for something with a nautical vibe.  I found a few options from my collection and Cate chose this vintage 1950s plate which had a super cool original yachting image on it.

 And here we go..........painting time!

I've developed this kind of - outline in dots technique - to map out the placement and the proportion of the illustration first.  Working with porcelain paint is rather difficult and if you go wrong it is much easier to remove a few dots than a big thick painted line.  I've always drawn and painted from the outside in and I find this works best for me on plates too!

I decide that she would look pretty cool holding on to the yacht and I want the seagulls to be flying around her head so I change the angle of her body just slightly.

Once I'm happy with the placement and how the proportion is looking I start filling in the outlines.

Because the porcelain paint dries really slowly you have to be careful where your hands are so you don't smudge the paint.  I always start from the top left and work my way down to the bottom right.  If you make a mistake you have to let it dry completely before trying to fix it or it can get very messy!  I have the original printed out to refer to as I go.  (Please excuse the dark photo - I do most of my painting at night.)

 Now is the hard part for me - I have to let it completely dry before I continue.  I really hate stopping painting, but leave it overnight.  Then I fix any details or lines that I don't like - repaint and let it dry again.

Next is the fun bit adding all the little details, like the scales and shading.  I always find faces really hard so I usually have a couple of goes at getting the expression just right.

I want her to look a bit special to I decide to add a bit of gold detailing.  Gold porcelain paint is super tricky to deal with too!  I add tiny little dots to give the scales and her hair a bit of a glow.

et Voila!  she is finished.  I love how this one turned out - a bit of a challenge but super fun to paint.

Thanks Cate!

Tattooed plate meets the original!  Hope you love your present Tara - what an awesome friend you have  - to think of such an original and personalised gift.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sharing the ceramic love....The Broken Plate Pendant Company

I love upcycling and clever upcyclers - especially those that make things using vintage plates.  (A wee obsession of mine as you well know!) 

This lady is super cool and does all of the above.  I fell in love with her china knuckle dusters ages ago, when I saw them in her etsy shop.  But she makes heaps of other cool stuff too.  These are all on my Christmas wish list (hint, hint!)

I love how she describes her work... "I break each and every plate with love…and force…crafting them into a collection of inspired and versatile pieces."  - and her profile pic - Awesome! check her work out here too.

 Blue Willow - knuckle duster awesomness!


Beautiful pendants - she makes sets for bridesmaids out of the one plate, such a cute idea!  Would be great for a group of friends too.....and look at the intricate cut out necklaces above!  ♥♥♥

Saturday, November 5, 2011

An anniversary, some thank you's..... oh and a giveaway..... or three!

It's celebration time in the Odd One Out household this month - It has been 1 whole year since I started up my wee Facebook page and also a year (this month) since I nervously attended my first market.  Amazing!  It feels like a lifetime but also like I've just started, if you know what I mean.  I have met some truly awesome people along the way both customers and fellow crafters - many who have become dear friends.  I need to thank some very important people who have helped me along the way - so bear with me and then I will get on to the giveaways. 

Firstly a massive thank you goes out to Mr Odd One Out.  Little did he imagine that my wee hobby would take over both our lives so much.  I've always made these things for us, as gifts for friends and family and occasionally orders from friends of friends etc - this he was used to but then I announced that I was going to try a market (just one!) and here we are 12 months later..... with markets every second week or so, a spare room that's not so spare anymore, more plates and odd bits and pieces than you could even imagine and an awful lot of babysitting now done by the Mr.  So big ♥s to him.

Second big thank you to my lovely and talented friend Koyal.  She has had far more faith in me than I have ever had, and pretty much had to drag me kicking and screaming into the market scene.  I think she had been cajoling me into having a stall at a market for a couple of years before I finally agreed to share half a table with her last year, and I am forever indebted to her for persisting with me.  I truly didn't think that anyone would really want to buy my work and I remember being so nervous and slightly embarrassed at my first market.  So thank you miss Koyal for all your encouragement.  (By the way she is the most amazing knitwear designer so go and check out her Facebook page too)  Here we are at one of my first markets - Crafternoon Tea in Kingsland.

Ok so now down to the...................

For all the lovely people that have supported me at markets and have bought online here is a $5 voucher that can be used until the end of the year.  Please print it off and bring it with you to markets or quote the reference number before paying for Facebook orders.

I have a very curious (read nosy) nature and I love to know what happens to the things I sell - where they go, how they are displayed etc.  So this draw is for everyone that owns a little piece of Odd One Out.  It could be a plate, portrait, lamp or cushion - even jewellery.  Just take a photo of it in its new home and email it to me.  I will put the pics up in a little album on my Facebook page and everyone will go in the draw to win their choice of my illustrations on a vintage plate.  Woohoo! 

Just one picture per person please - I know some of you have lots of plates!

I will announce the winner on my Facebook  page on the 12th November - you will need to get in touch with me by the 15th November or I will draw another name.

I love a good competition - and this one is open to ALL my Facebook friends.  Just let me know in the comments below, what plate design of mine you would most like to win - and you will go into the draw to win that very design!  (Have a look through my Facebook albums if you can't think of one off the top of your head.)
One comment per person please - but if you share this on your Facebook page or Blog do let me know - I will sneak another entry in for you :) 

I will announce the winner on my Facebook  page on the 12th November - you will need to get in touch with me by the 15th November or I will draw another name. 

(Sorry to all my lovely overseas followers but these competitions are only open to those with an NZ address I can send the plate to.)

I'm looking forward to seeing what designs you all choose!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Vintage Week (the best of)

Well last week was an awesome week for vintage shopping - so good in fact that I have just saved some of my faves to show you or I would have been busy taking photos all day!  Some days I think that vintage shopping is like my therapy - I know I am adding to the clutter but man does it make me happy!

Aw hello Mr Bird - how cute is he! I walked into the charity shop just as he was being put on the counter.  Pretty sure I let out a wee eeek and very un-glamorously ran for it - well walked very quickly anyway ;) I picked him up just as the two old dears were discussing how ugly it was and wondering how long he would be there.  Haha - nanoseconds, that's how long ladies!  Well at least I love him - there is even a sensor so every time you walk past he chirps.  Must admit I turned that off after the first day though.

I don't usually look at the books in vintage shops but I had my eye out for some Golden books for my friend Alice, when I spotted these two lovelies.  I have absolutely no idea what they are about (is that dutch?) but I am so in love with the illustrations it doesn't matter.

Another cute little plate for my wall that will remain as is until I think of something to write around the edge - any suggestions?  I was thinking a cute little poem or quote.  That is so me and Mr Odd One Out (ok slightly younger and better dressed versions but a pretty good likeness nevertheless!)

I've had weddings on my mind recently  - my little sis is getting married in under a month (eeek!)

These little guys are so super cute and their expressions are what got me.  She looks so serene while he has a look of mild panic and bewilderment don't you think?

They are both vintage perfume bottles and come unscrewed at the waist - cool!

I fell in love with this little wooden box instantly and I even spent, what was for me - quite a bit on it (naughty!)  For a bit of perspective my op-shop budget usually can be added up on my fingers so really it wasn't that much.

Look at all the work someone has put in to this.  It is decorated with poker-work and hand painted with cute little birds so you can see why I had to have it!

Fittingly - it's new job is to hold all my vintage jewellery trinkets while they wait for me to rework them into new pieces.

and the close up.  CUTE!!!!!