Sunday, February 12, 2012

My Vintage Week (by Mr Odd One Out)

I haven't been having much luck at all with my vintage shopping this year, although to be fair I've not been looking that much - with it being Kindy holidays a vintage shop is not really the best place to take an almost 3 year old.  I am so feeling withdrawals though, it really must be an addiction!

Mr Odd One Out however has done quite well for himself this week so I thought I would show you what he's been up to!

- A super cute (and just a little mad) cross stitch clock.  I love that it has been kept in the embroidery hoop and I double love that it says chicken feed.  Random words on things is something I just adore!

- A collection of little glass bottles that came complete with their little black Bakelite caps.  They are all identical and are now sitting in my entryway - I try to remember to pick roses for them most days.

- One super cool vintage biscuit tin.  With just the perfect amount of distress, I love the graphics on old food packaging!

- Some very old school intercoms - there is actually 3 of them.  Maybe it's just a guy thing but the Mr is so addicted to buying old technology stuff and tinkering away trying to get them to work.  These ones I don't actually mind though - I love the industrial styling of them and the wee atomic emblem at the bottom.  I can totally picture having one in the house and one in my garden studio (which doesn't actually exist by the way - but a girl can dream right!) We can communicate vintage styles.... "excuse me - could I please have a cuppa and some biscuits in here stat!"

So he does quite well Mr Odd One Out - don't you think?  He is also expert in hunting out vintage plates for me - I just love that he is totally comfortable buying a cross stitch clock or some lovely flowery plates and not think it's some kind of threat to his manhood :)  Unlike some other guys I know......


Kiwimrsmac said...

Some lovely treasure. He did well!

Kaye said...

Hi! i just love your work and your awesome plates :) and your blog too, course...keep creating! i wish that balloon painting of your comes as a wall decal too. Would be great to stick on walls or just about anything.

btw- i have a blog too :)
hope you drop by!

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