Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Vintage Week (the best of)

Well last week was an awesome week for vintage shopping - so good in fact that I have just saved some of my faves to show you or I would have been busy taking photos all day!  Some days I think that vintage shopping is like my therapy - I know I am adding to the clutter but man does it make me happy!

Aw hello Mr Bird - how cute is he! I walked into the charity shop just as he was being put on the counter.  Pretty sure I let out a wee eeek and very un-glamorously ran for it - well walked very quickly anyway ;) I picked him up just as the two old dears were discussing how ugly it was and wondering how long he would be there.  Haha - nanoseconds, that's how long ladies!  Well at least I love him - there is even a sensor so every time you walk past he chirps.  Must admit I turned that off after the first day though.

I don't usually look at the books in vintage shops but I had my eye out for some Golden books for my friend Alice, when I spotted these two lovelies.  I have absolutely no idea what they are about (is that dutch?) but I am so in love with the illustrations it doesn't matter.

Another cute little plate for my wall that will remain as is until I think of something to write around the edge - any suggestions?  I was thinking a cute little poem or quote.  That is so me and Mr Odd One Out (ok slightly younger and better dressed versions but a pretty good likeness nevertheless!)

I've had weddings on my mind recently  - my little sis is getting married in under a month (eeek!)

These little guys are so super cute and their expressions are what got me.  She looks so serene while he has a look of mild panic and bewilderment don't you think?

They are both vintage perfume bottles and come unscrewed at the waist - cool!

I fell in love with this little wooden box instantly and I even spent, what was for me - quite a bit on it (naughty!)  For a bit of perspective my op-shop budget usually can be added up on my fingers so really it wasn't that much.

Look at all the work someone has put in to this.  It is decorated with poker-work and hand painted with cute little birds so you can see why I had to have it!

Fittingly - it's new job is to hold all my vintage jewellery trinkets while they wait for me to rework them into new pieces.

and the close up.  CUTE!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What SUPERB treasures you have found! I love the birdie in the cage, and I totally love the mice perfume bottles. You certainly have an eye for fab finds.

Vicki Ryan said...

One of your little books is called "What Colour is Love?"

I have an english copy somewhere and one was recently sold on etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/66972989/what-colour-is-love-by-joan-walsh

My sister and I had it and both thought it belonged to us. I won ownership but can't find it right now so must look.

The sky is blue
The sun is yellow
The clouds are white
But if I asked you
Could you tell me
What colour is love?

Niki said...

Thanks Vicki - I was trying my best to translate it and actually got some of that right! It is such a cute book :)

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