Monday, November 14, 2011

Sharing the ceramic love....The Broken Plate Pendant Company

I love upcycling and clever upcyclers - especially those that make things using vintage plates.  (A wee obsession of mine as you well know!) 

This lady is super cool and does all of the above.  I fell in love with her china knuckle dusters ages ago, when I saw them in her etsy shop.  But she makes heaps of other cool stuff too.  These are all on my Christmas wish list (hint, hint!)

I love how she describes her work... "I break each and every plate with love…and force…crafting them into a collection of inspired and versatile pieces."  - and her profile pic - Awesome! check her work out here too.

 Blue Willow - knuckle duster awesomness!


Beautiful pendants - she makes sets for bridesmaids out of the one plate, such a cute idea!  Would be great for a group of friends too.....and look at the intricate cut out necklaces above!  ♥♥♥

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