Saturday, September 3, 2011

Before & After - Jewellery Display

As you will know by now - I am always finding little junk store discoveries.  I love to find ways of making them new, giving them a bit of a new life or a bit of a zhush (that's a word right?)

Most end up as part of my collections to sell but there are quite a few things I keep.  One thing I always kick myself over, is that I don't EVER take before photos.  I'm usually too keen to get into the makeover that it is not until it's all finished that I think "man I should have photographed that first".  So this before & after section of my blog is an effort to remedy that.

Here is the first little vintage find that I managed to remember to get a pic of first.  I think is is some kind of posy vase?  Anyway, I just loved the yellow base and thought it would make a cute jewellery display for my craft fair table.  I just wound some string around the wires to hold my earrings in place and a bit of foam and an old doiley were quickly turned into a ring display.

I think it's pretty cute don't you? and best of all it only took about 15 minutes to make - gotta love that!

Thanks to Pugly Pixel for the cute photo template!

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Very cute!

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