Sunday, September 11, 2011

33 ways to stay creative

I like lists....a lot....I make them all the time.  Mostly it's my way of procrastinating actually doing something but still feeling like I am doing something at the same time.  My other favourite form of procrastination is looking through blogs at other peoples lists!

 thought this was a particularly cool one.  Found it here



Emmaline said...

This is brilliant! I for one love lists and I don't think I could get by without. I'll be printing this out :-) Thanks for sharing it!

Niki said...

Thanks Emmaline! I've printed it out too - sometimes we need reminding about the simple stuff!

Sandra said...

Thanks for posting this - it's very inspiring. With 2 children its very easy to get distracted and absorbed into what they need and forget about your own projects.....this list is certainly going to help me create some order. Thanks. Sandra

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