Thursday, April 26, 2012

Relax & Unwind - Dominique Falla

There is just something about beautiful words, illustrated in a beautiful font in a beautiful way.  Gets me every time!
Australian typographer Dominique Falla has created this HUGE typographical piece titled "Relax and Unwind" with thousands of pins and hundreds of meters of coloured string.  Lordy - I can't imagine it would be too relaxing - unwinding all of that though!

Isn't it gorgeous! Trying to figure out how I can make one in my house - not sure about all those nails in the wall though :)  Found via Design Taxi


jodie said...

Hi Niki - that's cool! you could do it on a piece of board and just hang it...could be a little winter project!

softearthart said...

It is just great, loving those pastel shades, cheers Marie

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