Thursday, October 6, 2011

Before & After - Mr Stag gets a makeover!

Well this before and after is not a recent one, but I thought I would share it with you - as I get so many people asking me where I got the pink stags head that features in one of my postcards. 

We had been collecting these retro French plastic stag head / barometers for some time, and I always thought that they would be really cool for hanging jewellery off.  The thing is - they are not very pretty and I didn't think that they would go with the style of my bedroom very well as they were.  So a bit of dissection and a quick go-over with some spray paint, followed by a touch of hand painting and his make-over was complete!  Or should I say his gender re-assignment - he does look very pretty now but I still call him Mr Stag!

He does make such a cute model for my jewellery range don't you think!  And here is is again hanging on the wall of my bedroom.  I promise in real life it is not this tidy - and Mr Stag usually has a heap more jewellery to contend with.  This pic was taken when my home was featured in the August 2009 Your Home & Garden Magazine - hence the minimal (well minimal for me!) decor.

Thanks to Pugly Pixel for the cute photo template!                            


Flo said...

I love that he is still Mr Stag. I wonder if he'd like a coffee with Mr Coyote???

Little Sabine said...

OMG I NEED one of these for the LIttle Sabine Store. Can i commision you to make me a duck egg blue one pretty pretty please :D

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