Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Vintage Week (end)

Technically this is a "My Vintage Weekend" post as I managed to score all of these little lovelies this weekend - yay lucky me!

This is one of the cutest little things I have bought in ages - and I have actually managed to buy a useful item for once - yay me!  His new job (apart from looking adorable) is to hold my postcards in my studio.  My bookshelf was doing an ok job but bambi will do it with more style don't you think!

I love everything about this - it's a bit wonky, it folds flat! and I even love the little 'Foreign' stamp on the back.  From a time when it didn't matter which country it was made in - just the fact that it was from somewhere else was all that mattered.

- A very cheerful looking budgie made from hand painted pressed metal has made his perch on my light switch.

- A lovely group of doilies - who have already told me what they want to be (yes my vintage finds talk to me, that's normal right?)  The pink one wants to be a light shade but the others will be quite happy being cushions.

- How cute is this pincushion!  I bought this at the latest market I was selling at - Devonport Craft Market from a lovely lady who's name completely escapes me at the moment sorry!  Because the best kind of vintage item is a re-loved vintage item.  What a clever idea.

This is one ring I don't think I will be able to part with.  I just made this today from an amazing vintage Lucite earring - I can't stop looking at it, I just love how the flower is embedded in the plastic and the facets change how it looks from different angles.  Definitely a keeper - sorry everyone!

Of course as usual there were stacks and stacks of plates purchased this week, but I wont bore you with photos.  I will however show some off once they are painted up.

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LOVE the ring!!! x

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