Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm so in love with.... Plates on walls! (yes still ;)

I know you know that I'm so in love with plates on walls, and yes I am still collecting images of displays I like.

Even though I am surrounded by plates and paint them every day - my walls sadly do not look quite as cool as these ones in the pictures.  I just haven't got around to hanging all my plates and it doesn't help that I keep selling them or giving them away!  One day I will show you how my walls are looking  - promise.

Here are some pictures from my travels around the internet - I love each and every one of these displays.  I love the ordered collections just as much as the randomly placed ones.  I adore the colourful groups but am equally in love with the monotone ones.  Perhaps this is why it is taking me so long to put my own collection together.  I would love to know what your favourites are.

 I have really tried to keep the sources of the pics this time - so top to bottom and left to right are......

eeek sorry! somewhere on Flickr, down and out chic, down and out chic, apartment therapy, design sponge, trulynaturallyme, design attractor, piterest, pinterest, down and out chic, design sponge, pinterest


Cate said...

Thank you for posting this! Great inspiration for how to hang my OOO collection :)

Niki said...

Thanks Cate - it shows how fab they look in numbers huh! You could probably do any one of these with your collection!

Anonymous said...

Arghhhh best post yet! Look at the old TV!!! How awesome is that! Some people have the coolest houses! Loving the plates too!!!

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