Wednesday, July 6, 2011

one of my birthday pressies and a stunning book!

So about a week ago it was my birthday - and we are most definitely not going to talk about that (I am still completely in denial over the last few ones!)  Anyway, I was given this lovely new book by Mr Odd One Out.  What that really means is that I bought it myself for him to give back to me! I love, love, love design books and this one is completely gorgeous.  It is by Geraldine James, who has worked at Harrods and now Selfridges as a design buyer - need I say more - she has a great eye. 

It is subtitled 'How to display and enjoy your treasured collections', but I don't really see it as a generic how to book.  More so a feast of visual inspiration - perfect for those who are hoarders of vintage bits and bobs and obscure objects.  Yes, a bit like moi!

I won't bore you with a long winded review - mainly because I haven't read it yet!  But I have pored over the pictures at least 5 times so that is what I will show you.  Anyway I wont lie to you, I always make up my mind about these books based on photos and not text anyway (how shallow!).  It might be dead boring who knows - but at least it is pretty!  James does seem to have a bit of a bent for the Gothic and the distressed.  Taxidermy and Victoriana fill many pages with a bit of industrial and retro thrown in.  If that sparks any curiosity then you will love it!

This is not a book for those who love minimalism, in fact as she states in her intro "Cold minimalism has its place, but not at my place"  Here here! 


There are also some lovely images of plates on walls - as there should be, so I am one very happy lady!

Oooh, and the book is hardcover and beautifully bound with a very cool textured and faded cover - it would most definitely fit into one of the homes she describes.  I brought this one from Book Depository - free shipping yay! and by far the cheapest I have seen it priced anywhere in NZ.  Check it out here....

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