Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Odd One Out & About

I am feeling so lucky this month that my little upcycled plates have featured in a few lovely kiwi mags.  There is something so exciting about seeing my work in print! 

Each time I've hurried out to the bookshop as soon as I have heard, thumbed through the mag trying to find it and then rushed up to buy them grinning like a crazy woman.  The lovely old lady at our local is probably thinking I'm a bit nuts by now! 

The first two features, I owe a big thanks to Toggle for hooking me up.  Toggle is a fantastic online design store featuring some of the best of New Zealand Artists, Designers and Crafters... go on have a look!

The first little Odd One Out snippet is from the July issue of  'Next' magazine (left)

Below is a page from the June/July issue of 'Her' magazine featuring my 'Origami Birds' plate. 

The last magazine is the July issue of Your Home & Garden.  I can't believe I actually saw 'Mr Stag' in there as he is so tiny - but he jumped out of the page at me as soon as I turned it!   He looks so cool on the kitchen wall of stylist LeeAnn Yares absolutely stunning house.  Yay Mr Stag & thanks LeeAnn for giving him such a cool new home!

Thanks for indulging me in a little showing off, I promise it wont happen too often!  (Well I'm actually secretly hoping it will, I could get used to all this excitement!)

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